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Spectra Health CBD Oil

SPECTRA wasn’t started as a business, it was started as a mission.

To collectively bring light to natural true medicine, that helps people and changes lives. To bring awareness to natural products and be part of the movement away from the high use of synthetic drugs.

Start your journey to better health.

Cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is involved in a variety of physiological processes. When absorbed by the body, Cannabidiol (CBD) increases the ECS’s ability to promote balance and optimal health. CBD oil is non-toxic and non-intoxicating.

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Spectra Health CBD Oil

SPECTRA CBD has been developed and tested to produce a high-grade product.

Unlike other brands, we focus on our cultivation methods, and the health of our crops, water, and soil. The Cannabis Flower we use is 100% organic, as are all of the supporting ingredients.

We produce a premium organically grown plant, respectfully grown by the fourth generation of the family to propagate this land.

SPECTRA uses a specific strain that can provide a full spectrum CBD, CBDA and CBG content. This is unique in providing a profound health benefit to the Cannabinoid system and building the Anandamide system.


Spectra Health CBD Oil

A small amount for big results.

One bottle of SPECTRA CBD, CBDA & CBG oil should last between three to six months of regular use. CBD oil’s amazing properties are active in your body for up to 48 days and, on average, most people who use our product use between 7-14 drops per day.

Start your journey to better health.

The evidence backed health properties of CBD, CBDA & CBG are wide ranging and have less risk of adverse effects compared to contemporary medicine. Buy our 100% organic, lab tested oil today and start living the benefits.



Effective in treating glaucoma*

CBG is thought to reduce intraocular pressure.

Shown to decrease inflammation*

Specifically the inflammation characteristic of inflammatory bowel disease.

Shows anti-cancer properties*

May block particular receptors that cause cancer cell growth, specifically that in colon cancer.

Increases skin health and used as an effective antibacterial*

Increasing fat formation in skin cells that suggest a potential treatment for dry-skin syndrome. Plus shows antibacterial properties against a number of bacterial strains

May increase appetite*

Useful in particular eating disorders

May help bladder dysfunction disorders*

Effective against depression & anxiety*

CBDA works on the 5-HT receptors, which influence serotonin production similar to how antidepressant medication does however without the side effects. These same calming effects may also help with sleep.

May help to fight tumours and cancer cells*

Initial studies indicate that CBDA might stop the migration of a highly aggressive form of breast cancer cell known as MDA-MB-231.

Effective treatment of acute nausea*

The same receptors mentioned above are the same receptors also found to help reduce nausea – for example helping chemotherapy patients.

Shown to exhibit anticonvulsant effects*

Treating people with epilepsy.

Effective in reducing inflammation*

While most cannabinoids interact directly with the endocannabinoid system and the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, CBDA instead interacts directly with the COX-2 Enzyme (cyclooxygenase-2). This is the same receptors that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen and aspirin are used in reducing inflammation however use of these pharmaceuticals create risks of damage and other serious adverse affects.


Spectra Health CBD Oil
Corr Piccone
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I've had the pleasure of using Spectra CBD over the last three years. It is the very best quality CBD. Jesse was kind enough to take me to the farm in coastal northern New South Wales. The farm was beautiful and the plants were healthy under Jesse and his dad's care. I have noticed reduced levels of anxiety and peaceful sleep since regularly using Spectra. If you are interested in a natural way to manage anxiety and sleep, Spectra is a great option!

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